Born 1970 in Jang-Heung, Lives and works in Ganghwa, Korea



1989-96 B.F.A. Dongguk University

1997-05 M.F.A. Academy of Arts, Muenster, Germany

2005-06 Master student by Prof. Guillaume Bijl, Muenster, Germany

2007-09 Adjunct Professor Fine Art Department at Dongguk University

Solo Exhibitions

2018-'SOMEONE' ARIRANG Gallery, Busan

2017-‘Fiction- Byen Ung-Pil' Gallery Joeun. Seoul

2014-‘Ongnim-ri 23-1' UNC Gallery, Seoul 
2013-'Someone' Gallery HYUNDAI- window, Seoul
2012-'Someone' ARIRANG Gallery, Busan
-‘Byen, Ung-Pil' Project Cafe Wumin. Cheongju

2009-'Selfportrait as a man 1 & 1/4' Gallery HYUNDAI, Seoul

2007-'Byen Ung-pil: Seolleim' doART Gallery, Seoul, Korea

2006-'Face-Landscape' Gallery Zandari, Seoul, Korea

2005-'Face to face' Galerie ART-isotope, Dortmund, Germany

-'Self portrait as a men', Galerie Plas-ma, Muehlheim a.d. Ruhr, Germany

2004-'Solo Exhibition' Galerie Zap-art, Warendorf, Germany

-'Two Persons' OVG NRW, Muenster, Germany

-'Painting of BYEN, UNG-PIL' Kunsthalle Hangelar Sankt Augustin Hangelar, Germany

2003-'I, you and we' Practice of Dr.Edith, Dr.Wolfgang Mikansky, Dr.Werne Korte. Reken, Germany

-'Two Persons-the shop window' Wewerka-Pavillon Muenster, Germany


Group Exhibitions

2021- ’Dream and enjoy Namhae‘ Space MIZO, Namhae
2020- 'Thank you 2020' Gallery JOEUN, Seoul

- ‘K-Dementia 2020’ COEX D Hall. Seoul
- ’Memory, Record’ Jeondeungsa, Ganghwado

- ‘Pangyo Art Museum’ Hyundai Department Store, Pangyo
- ’Artist research-Byen,Ungpil + Yoon,Jongsuk’ AIF. Seoul

- ’Bulhock-Mihockhada’ Gallery JOEUN, Seoul

- ’Ensemble at Hannam 2nd‘ Gallery JOEUN, Seoul

2019- ’The Forest’ Gallery JOEUN, Seoul

- ‘Who am I? - 'good'’ Indipress Gallery. Seoul
- ‘15C CHULWHA NOW’ Arts Center KUH. Daejeon
- ’11pleasures‘ Chung Art Gallery. Soeul
- 'Thank you 2019' Gallery JOEUN, Seoul

2018- ’11pleasures‘ Chung Art Gallery. Soeul

- ’ART Élysées’ Gallery JOEUN. Paris. France

- ’START art fair’ Saatchi Gallery. London. UK

- ’The Wind Blows-The 5th ART Vornado‘ Insa art senter. Seoul

- ’National Museum of Contemporary Art- Art Bank Collection Exhibition’ Gangneung Art Center, Gangneung

- 100 ALBUMS 100 ARTISTS 2 Avenuel Arthall, Seoul

- ’Anseong Arthall Grand Open Show with 17Artists’ Anseong Arthall. Anseong

2017- ’This is Diptych’ Small-museum. Jeongseon
’Revisiting painting arts: Modern Figurative paintings by Korean artists’ Cian art museum, Yeong Cheon

’I DREAM’ delight square Gallery, Seoul

- ‘Cafe Society’ Seoul Museum, Seoul

- ‘100 Albums 100 Artists’ AVENUEL ARTHALL, Seoul

2016- 'Thank you 2016' Gallery JOEUN, Seoul

- ‘Two Man's Story’ ART CENTER KUH, Daejeon

- 'Korean Contemporary Art: Predict, Propose, Prosess' DDP, Seoul
- ‘selfportrait' Gallery Toast, Seoul
2015- '2015 <SeMA Artist Guild Art Fair> Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul
- 'Art Busan 2015' Gallery ARIRANG, Busan
- ‘2015 OCEANUS K-ART' Oceanus Arthall, Busan

2014- ‘Korean Portraiture, Beyond Memories' Jeonbuk Museum of Art, Wanju
- 'Family LOVE' Yangpyeong Art Museum. Yangpyeong
- ‘Mince drawing‘ Creative Space_P. Busan

2013- ‘shoot for Hope' Hankyoung Gallery. Seoul
- 'Korea Contemporary Art 33' Gangdong Art Center. Seoul

- ‘AMMA UMMA’ Korean Cultural Centre India. India 
- ‘Art Load 77' Art Fair 2013. Heyri. Paju 
- 'KOREAN ART TODAY' Korean Cultural Centre India. India
- 'Artwing seoul' seoul metropolitan government. Seoul
- 'Human, for a While' Culture Factory Osan. Osan
- 'The Face' Superior Galley. Seoul
2012- '15th Asian Art Biennale Bangladesh 2012' Bangladesh

- 'Thoughts on Body' Seoul Olympic Museum of Art. Seoul

- 'SeMA Youth 2012: 12 Events for 12 Rooms' Seoul Museum of Art. Seoul
- 'Face Unlock' Jang Heung Art Park. Jang Heung
- 'Korea Gallery Art Fair' Coex (Gallery Hyundai). Seoul
- 'K ARTSTAR' INSA art senter. Seoul
- 'JUN DAE MI MUN, Artstar' Gallery JUN. Daegu
- 'Korea Gallery Art Fair" Coex (Gallery Hyundai). Seoul
2011- 'Korea Contemporary Art, Hottest Young Artist' Hyundai Artscenter. Ulsan

- 'Selective Expression of Figures on our Times' Gallery SOHEON. Daegu

- 'KIAF' (Gallery Hyundai). Seoul

- 'I AM A PAINTER' UNC Gallery. Seoul

2010- 'INSA ART FESTIVAL' Gallery Urim. Seoul

- 'theirs are beautiful' Gallery D. Gwangju

- 'Drawing-The Room of Artists' Topohaus. Seoul

- 'Korean Contemporary Art - DEFRNSE MECHANISM' Gallery TN. Beijin.

- 'Korea Contemporary Artists 110' SEJONG CENTER. Seoul

- 'IN SPITE OF ART' interalia art company. Seoul

2009- 'Lemon tree' UNC Gallery. Seoul

- 'FUSION 304 with 11 Artists' Grimson Gallery, Seoul

- 'Nanji-Residency Project' Nanji Gallery. Seoul

2008- 'The Soul of Korean Contemporary Art, INSA Art-center, Seoul, Korea

- '9th Cutting Edge' Seoul Auction, Seoul, Korea

- 'Sweet November,'Gallery UNC, Seoul, Korea

- 'Da Saeck Da Gam' Gallery Zandari, Seoul, Korea

- 'Mirror Image : About a Self Portrait' Seoul Museum of Art, Korea
- 'Seoul art-fair 2008' Bexco, Busan

- 'Star wars episode 1' Gallery UNC, Seoul, Korea

- 'the boa constrictot that swallowed an elephnat' Gallery LEE C, Seou, Koreal

2007- 'The Edge of Sensation' Gallery SIMON, Seoul, Korea

- 'The Best of The Best 20' Insa Art Center, Seoul, Korea

- 'I & Another me' Daegu MBC-Gallery M, DaeGu, Korea

- 'VOLTA SHOW 03' Basel, Switzerland

- 'KIAF' doART GALLERY, Seoul, Korea

2006- 'HYBRID' Seoul arts Center, Seoul, Korea

- 'Trend-Spotting 2006' Gallery HYUNDAI, Seoul, Korea

- 'P & P' Gallery Zandari, Seoul/ Gallery Space ieum, Beijing, China

2005- 'Between reality and fiction' 1:een PICTURA, Dordrecht, Nederland

- 'Bauzaun-project' Sparkasse Muenster, Muenster, Germany

- 'Fiesta!' Gallery Annie Gentils, Antwerpen, Belgium

- 'Exhibitionist-stefanie klingemann' Muenster, Germany

- 'Kunstbombe 2005' Flottmann-Halle, Herne, Germany

- 'ADO Kunstpreis 2005' auf Gut Altenkamp Aschenberg, Germany

- 'Foto Antwerpen 2005, 'between reality and fiction' Gallery Lokaal 01, Antwerpen, Belgium

- 'Grosse Kunst Ausstellung NRW 2005' Messe 8, Duesseldorf, Germany

2004- 'Rein aeusserlich' Gallery Open Art, Borken, Germany

- 'Malerei 04' Kunsthalle Recklinghausen, Germany

- 'Grosse Kunstausstellung' Kunsthalle Villa Kobe, Halle(Saale), Germany

- 'Kunstbombe 2004' Flottmann-Halle, Herne, Germany

- 'Art-fair Koeln 2004' Palladium Koln, Germany

- 'Leere und Vision' Das Quatier Radewig Herford, Germany

- 'Freundschaftspiel' Dolmabahce-Serail Museum, Istanbul, Turkey

2003- 'Welde art award 2003' Weldebrau Plankstadt, Schwetzingen, Germany

- 'Kunstakademie MSx4' Gallery F6-Kuenstlerdorf Schoeppingen, Germany

- 'Kunstbombe 2003' the artfair in Revier Flottmann-Hallen Herne, Germany

2002- 'Aus bei mit nach von zu seit- Exhibition of young artist' Kunstlerhaus, Dortmund, Germany

- 'Inter cult 2002' Benno-Haus Muenster, Germany

2001- 'Slide-Project' Hawerkamp, Muenster, Germany

- 'Action "a sky, a earth, a mankind"' Duesseldorf(Shadowplatz), Germany

- 'Korean art group 0082' Kunstverein Ochtrup, Germany

- 'Class-Exhibition (Prof. Paul Isenrath)' Herford-Stadtmuseum, Germany

- 'Film-Festival 2002' Muenster, Germany

- 'Exhibition-Support award of the Academy of Arts' Muenster, Haverkamp Muenster, Germany

2000- 'Gif-Animation' Hawerkamp, Muenster, Muenster


Award/ Fellowship/ Residency

2008/09-Nanji Art Studio(Seoul museum of art), Seoul, Korea

2006-Emerging Artist Fellowship, Arts Council korea

2005-ADO Art Award 2005, Germany

2004-Kunstaspekte-Art Award, Germany

2003-Second Award, Kunstbombe 2003, Germay

-Emerging Artist Fellowship for foreign student, DAAD, Germany

2002-Support Award of the Academy of Arts Muenster, Germany


Public Collections

National Museum of Contemporary Art, Korea

Jeollanam-do Museum of Art

Seoul Museum of Art

Seoul Museum
OCI Museum of Art

Incheon Foundation for Arts and Culture
Museum MARTA Herfod, Germany

Supreme court of NRW, Germany