Born 1970 in Jang-Heung, Lives and works in Ganghwa, Korea



1989-96 B.F.A. Dongguk University

1997-05 M.F.A. Academy of Arts, Muenster, Germany

2005-06 Master student by Prof. Guillaume Bijl, Muenster, Germany

2007-09 Adjunct Professor Fine Art Department at Dongguk University

Solo Exhibitions

2017-‘Fiction- Byen Ung-Pil' Gallery Joeun. Seoul

2014-‘Ongnim-ri 23-1' UNC Gallery, Seoul 
2013-'Someone' Gallery HYUNDAI- window, Seoul
2012-'Someone' ARIRANG Gallery, Busan
-‘Byen, Ung-Pil' Project Cafe Wumin. Cheongju

2009-'Selfportrait as a man 1 & 1/4' Gallery HYUNDAI, Seoul

2007-'Byen Ung-pil: Seolleim' doART Gallery, Seoul, Korea

2006-'Face-Landscape' Gallery Zandari, Seoul, Korea

2005-'Face to face' Galerie ART-isotope, Dortmund, Germany

-'Self portrait as a men', Galerie Plas-ma, Muehlheim a.d. Ruhr, Germany

2004-'Solo Exhibition' Galerie Zap-art, Warendorf, Germany

-'Two Persons' OVG NRW, Muenster, Germany

-'Painting of BYEN, UNG-PIL' Kunsthalle Hangelar Sankt Augustin Hangelar, Germany

2003-'I, you and we' Practice of Dr.Edith, Dr.Wolfgang Mikansky, Dr.Werne Korte. Reken, Germany

-'Two Persons-the shop window' Wewerka-Pavillon Muenster, Germany


Group Exhibitions
2017- ‘Cafe Society’ Seoul Museum, Seoul

- ‘100 Albums 100 Artists’ AVENUEL ARTHALL, Seoul

2016- 'Thank you 2016' Gallery SOEUN, Seoul

- ‘Two Man's Story’ ART CENTER KUH, Daejeon

- 'Korean Contemporary Art: Predict, Propose, Prosess' DDP, Seoul
- ‘selfportrait' Gallery Toast, Seoul
2015- '2015 <SeMA Artist Guild Art Fair> Seoul Museum of Art, Seoul
- 'Art Busan 2015' Gallery ARIRANG, Busan
- ‘2015 OCEANUS K-ART' Oceanus Arthall, Busan

2014- ‘Korean Portraiture, Beyond Memories' Jeonbuk Museum of Art, Wanju
- 'Family LOVE' Yangpyeong Art Museum. Yangpyeong
- ‘Mince drawing‘ Creative Space_P. Busan

2013- ‘shoot for Hope' Hankyoung Gallery. Seoul
- 'Korea Contemporary Art 33' Gangdong Art Center. Seoul

- ‘AMMA UMMA’ Korean Cultural Centre India. India 
- ‘Art Load 77' Art Fair 2013. Heyri. Paju 
- 'KOREAN ART TODAY' Korean Cultural Centre India. India
- 'Artwing seoul' seoul metropolitan government. Seoul
- 'Human, for a While' Culture Factory Osan. Osan
- 'The Face' Superior Galley. Seoul
2012- '15th Asian Art Biennale Bangladesh 2012' Bangladesh

- 'Thoughts on Body' Seoul Olympic Museum of Art. Seoul

- 'SeMA Youth 2012: 12 Events for 12 Rooms' Seoul Museum of Art. Seoul
- 'Face Unlock' Jang Heung Art Park. Jang Heung
- 'Korea Gallery Art Fair' Coex (Gallery Hyundai). Seoul
- 'K ARTSTAR' INSA art senter. Seoul
- 'JUN DAE MI MUN, Artstar' Gallery JUN. Daegu
- 'Korea Gallery Art Fair" Coex (Gallery Hyundai). Seoul
2011- 'Korea Contemporary Art, Hottest Young Artist' Hyundai Artscenter. Ulsan

- 'Selective Expression of Figures on our Times' Gallery SOHEON. Daegu

- 'KIAF' (Gallery Hyundai). Seoul

- 'I AM A PAINTER' UNC Gallery. Seoul

2010- 'INSA ART FESTIVAL' Gallery Urim. Seoul

- 'theirs are beautiful' Gallery D. Gwangju

- 'Drawing-The Room of Artists' Topohaus. Seoul

- 'Korean Contemporary Art - DEFRNSE MECHANISM' Gallery TN. Beijin.

- 'Korea Contemporary Artists 110' SEJONG CENTER. Seoul

- 'IN SPITE OF ART' interalia art company. Seoul

2009- 'Lemon tree' UNC Gallery. Seoul

- 'FUSION 304 with 11 Artists' Grimson Gallery, Seoul

- 'Nanji-Residency Project' Nanji Gallery. Seoul

2008- 'The Soul of Korean Contemporary Art, INSA Art-center, Seoul, Korea

- '9th Cutting Edge' Seoul Auction, Seoul, Korea

- 'Sweet November,'Gallery UNC, Seoul, Korea

- 'Da Saeck Da Gam' Gallery Zandari, Seoul, Korea

- 'Mirror Image : About a Self Portrait' Seoul Museum of Art, Korea
- 'Seoul art-fair 2008' Bexco, Busan

- 'Star wars episode 1' Gallery UNC, Seoul, Korea

- 'the boa constrictot that swallowed an elephnat' Gallery LEE C, Seou, Koreal

2007- 'The Edge of Sensation' Gallery SIMON, Seoul, Korea

- 'The Best of The Best 20' Insa Art Center, Seoul, Korea

- 'I & Another me' Daegu MBC-Gallery M, DaeGu, Korea

- 'VOLTA SHOW 03' Basel, Switzerland

- 'KIAF' doART GALLERY, Seoul, Korea

2006- 'HYBRID' Seoul arts Center, Seoul, Korea

- 'Trend-Spotting 2006' Gallery HYUNDAI, Seoul, Korea

- 'P & P' Gallery Zandari, Seoul/ Gallery Space ieum, Beijing, China

2005- 'Between reality and fiction' 1:een PICTURA, Dordrecht, Nederland

- 'Bauzaun-project' Sparkasse Muenster, Muenster, Germany

- 'Fiesta!' Gallery Annie Gentils, Antwerpen, Belgium

- 'Exhibitionist-stefanie klingemann' Muenster, Germany

- 'Kunstbombe 2005' Flottmann-Halle, Herne, Germany

- 'ADO Kunstpreis 2005' auf Gut Altenkamp Aschenberg, Germany

- 'Foto Antwerpen 2005, 'between reality and fiction' Gallery Lokaal 01, Antwerpen, Belgium

- 'Grosse Kunst Ausstellung NRW 2005' Messe 8, Duesseldorf, Germany

2004- 'Rein aeusserlich' Gallery Open Art, Borken, Germany

- 'Malerei 04' Kunsthalle Recklinghausen, Germany

- 'Grosse Kunstausstellung' Kunsthalle Villa Kobe, Halle(Saale), Germany

- 'Kunstbombe 2004' Flottmann-Halle, Herne, Germany

- 'Art-fair Koeln 2004' Palladium Koln, Germany

- 'Leere und Vision' Das Quatier Radewig Herford, Germany

- 'Freundschaftspiel' Dolmabahce-Serail Museum, Istanbul, Turkey

2003- 'Welde art award 2003' Weldebrau Plankstadt, Schwetzingen, Germany

- 'Kunstakademie MSx4' Gallery F6-Kuenstlerdorf Schoeppingen, Germany

- 'Kunstbombe 2003' the artfair in Revier Flottmann-Hallen Herne, Germany

2002- 'Aus bei mit nach von zu seit- Exhibition of young artist' Kunstlerhaus, Dortmund, Germany

- 'Inter cult 2002' Benno-Haus Muenster, Germany

2001- 'Slide-Project' Hawerkamp, Muenster, Germany

- 'Action "a sky, a earth, a mankind"' Duesseldorf(Shadowplatz), Germany

- 'Korean art group 0082' Kunstverein Ochtrup, Germany

- 'Class-Exhibition (Prof. Paul Isenrath)' Herford-Stadtmuseum, Germany

- 'Film-Festival 2002' Muenster, Germany

- 'Exhibition-Support award of the Academy of Arts' Muenster, Haverkamp Muenster, Germany

2000- 'Gif-Animation' Hawerkamp, Muenster, Muenster


Award/ Fellowship/ Residency

2008/09-Nanji Art Studio(Seoul museum of art), Seoul, Korea

2006-Emerging Artist Fellowship, Arts Council korea

2005-ADO Art Award 2005, Germany

2004-Kunstaspekte-Art Award, Germany

2003-Second Award, Kunstbombe 2003, Germay

-Emerging Artist Fellowship for foreign student, DAAD, Germany

2002-Support Award of the Academy of Arts Muenster, Germany


Public Collections

National Museum of Contemporary Art, Korea

Seoul Museum of Art

Seoul Museum
OCI Museum of Art

Incheon Foundation for Arts and Culture
Museum MARTA Herfod, Germany

Supreme court of NRW, Germany